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A growing business is a healthy business.  Whether you are just starting out, a one-person operation or established school, they'll be a take away from this book for you.

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We provide software to give you more time and support the growth of your business.  Drop us an email and we will demonstrate the power of Clubworx.

So.. what is in this EBook?

The strategies described in the pages below demonstrate how it is possible to grow your martial arts business by working smarter (not harder).  We've included checklists, case studies and other useful information to consider if your business has stagnated or you are looking to take it to the next level. 

About the Author
Emily has worked with Small Businesses for the past 7 years.  More recently she has worked with fitness businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout Australia as the National Business Development Manager for PaymentHub.  Emily has now successfully launched Clubworx in the USA and more recently launched Cluworx's software tools in Australia.

Emily Smart
CEO Clubworx Software

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